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"Acolyte of Entropy"

work by Stephen Fleming

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For his debut Los Angeles exhibition, Stephen Fleming (Program Director for the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program) has created an installation that presents a variety of works representing his interests, reflecting the past 15 years.  The work, installed on shelves, wall hanging sculptures and drawings, lend themselves to a visual experience defining and exemplifying Mr. Fleming’s oeuvre.

Fleming’s past work (monumental paintings) reference art history in the inclusion of renaissance like foreshortened human figures, floating in limbo, presenting the opportunity for the viewer to explore mortality, the afterlife and by including primary colored geometric objects like a cube, which imply formal aspects of the craft of art making itself.  Sculptural adaptations of the human forms, replete with their foreshortening, reinforce his direction by introducing another rendition of his focus.

Unlike the paintings and earlier sculptural renditions thereof, the metamorphosis of the body and its physical characteristics in his current work are abstracted into a sort of organic/geometric amorphic state evoking an almost “more intense physical ness” than if the sculptural components exhibited were merely just a heart, or spleen. Self-sustaining, hermaphroditic entities, asexual/sexual penile, vessel forms are all terms that come to mind when reckoning with the works in their visual complexity and conceptual content.

The current installation,” Fool Disclosure “is a compilation of personal artifacts drawings and sculptures, which together create a focused survey of the artist’s life and practice. With its dualistic content, the work keeps one looking and exploring the internal and external inherent possibilities.  Body and function vie for existence, creating internal dialogue within each work.  As a whole, the exhibition functions as an intimate self-portrait laid out for perusal.

- Cathy Stone

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