Alisa Yang

June 1 - 30, 2015

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BETWEEN is the intersection of randomness and order, poetry and chatter, the abstract and the concrete.

BETWEEN is an internet art action by Alisa Yang that is quiet, subtlety confrontational, poetically provocative and due to its repeating pattern of 80 drawn symbols and phrases is like a seemingly never-ending meditative slide show.


From her statement, Yang says, “When we look, we are driven by the desire to make meanings even if there is none. In my recent work, I am applying the mechanics of the arbitrary system of assigning meaning to my process. It is an act to protest against the authority of signs and language by appealing to its discontinuous activity. Motivated by my distrust of absolute sensorial and conceptual representations, I create in the room for mistakes; with the intentions of my work thriving in the negative space of what happens in between…

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a poetic, seemingly-random, mysteriously-ordered, perhaps-abstract, never-ending meditative internet slide show




by Alisa Yang



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Selected Exhibitions


"BETWEEN", Another Year in LA



Micol Hebron‘s The (en)Gendered (in)Equity: The Gallery Poster Project, For Your Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

"From Her: An Exhibition by Women about Women", Pico House Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

"Face It", The Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

"Season of Spring", Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena, CA

"Platforms & Paint", Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


"Wish List", Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

"Post it show 9", Giant Robot, Los Angeles, CA

"Pure Imagination", Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA

"The Story of the Creative", Angel Orensanz Foundation For Contemporary Art, NY

"Abstract Currents: An Interactive Video Event", MOMA PS1, NY

“Doing Pennats”, Fifth Floor Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


“Post-it Show 8”, Giant Robot, Los Angeles, CA 

"Obsession of Memories", McKinley Arts & culture Center, Reno, NV

"Binary Inventions: Arts and Culture in the Digital Age", Sundog Multiples at the University North Dakota , Grand Forks, ND

"Interview"curated by Daniel Rolnik, Curio Gallery, Venice, CA

“Drawing”, Another year in LA gallery, Los Angeles, CA

“The Patter of Tiny Brains”, 323projects, Los Angeles, CA

“Los Angeles Art Association Annual GEM show”, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA


“Between the Lines”, Tracey A Stone gallery, Frogtown , CA

“Open Call L.A,” Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

“Chain Letter”, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

“Santa Fe Art Colony Studio Show Case”, Los Angeles, CA

“Collage group show”, SnP Gallery, Atwater village, CA


“Coloring” Scoops, Los Angeles, CA

“Gift Shop”, Another Year in LA gallery, Los Angeles, CA

"Circa group show”, Daydream Republic, Culver City, CA

“Post-it Show”, Giant Robot, Los Angeles, CA 

“99 red balloons”, Canteen Gallery, Ontario, Canada


“Dream to Realty”, Nucleus Gallery, Alhambra, CA 


“Post-it Show”, Giant Robot, Los Angeles, CA




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The Newer York book III, 2013

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