another year in LA

"Patrick Collins:Back Fence"

curated by Shana Nys Dambrot

Artist Statement

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Born in New York in 1960, Patrick Collins studied music and art in Madrid, Paris and Manhattan.  He has lived and traveled in Vietnam, Greece, Yugoslavia, England, France and Spain.  He currently lives and works in New York and Puerto Rico.


Cave Paintings

“This large canvas series is dedicated to the first artists.  Like them, I use raw pigments to create my own acrylic and oil paints.  Most of my influence comes from the amorphic shapes and dimensions seen in works from Arshile Gorky to Miro.  Art is in my genes as I have worked with my mother, “Sica,” since I was nine years old.  As a child, I spent weekends at the Metropolitan Museum of Art drawing from the sculptures and paintings. 

I chose large canvases for this series to allow myself freedom of movement and action to express my inner passion.  I put fields of color first, then shapes and lines present themselves and I follow and direct them as they unfold.  In the Cave Series, I tried to influence the bold colors into a primary existence, as though they were the cave itself.” 

In February 2005, Patrick Collins received an honorarium from New York University for original compositions. 


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