another year in LA

Eastern Standard Time

Eric Doeringer

September 22 - November 4, 2011

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Artist’s Statement

I am a lifelong resident of the Northeast, and Eastern  
Standard Time presents an East Coast vision of “West Coast” art.  I  
chose the title as a counterpoint to the Pacific Standard Time  
exhibitions opening in Los Angeles this fall.  The two titles suggest  
the physical and temporal disjunction between America’s two coasts  
(one my home, the other home to this exhibition).  This idea of  
dislocation in space and time is central to my work, which is made  
“after” other artists.

For this exhibition, I have recreated works by California artists or  
that otherwise look Westward.  The pieces were inspired by artists  
like John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, and Richard Prince, who renounced the  
supremacy of the artist’s “hand” in favor of a deskilled approach to  
making art.  However, as one of Baldessari’s text paintings states,  
“An artist is not merely the slavish announcer of a series of facts.”   
No matter how deadpan this art might appear, the creators’ personas  
(the original artists’ and mine) are deeply embedded within it.

I am interested in the relationship between the  
“original” and the “copy” and associated questions authorship and  
value. When I re-photograph a Marlboro advertisement, am I  
appropriating from Phillip Morris or from Richard Prince?  Do my  
attempts to throw three balls into the air in a straight line have  
less artistic merit than John Baldessari’s?

My recreations are faithful to the originals in many ways.  But, like  
a sentence that becomes garbled through repetition in the game  
“telephone”, they are not perfect copies.  When remade, the artworks  
are transformed into pieces that are distinctly my own.  My works have  
been called both homage and theft, but I believe they are as much an  
expression of my interests and ideas (and my time and place) as they  
were for the artists who made them the first time.  They are  
simultaneously copies and original works of art.

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another year in LA is located at the Pacific Design Center, Suite B267, 8687 Melrose, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Gallery phone:  323-223-4000