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Diane Holland


Artist Statement of Intent

Artist Statement of Method











Academic background


M.F.A.  Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, 1984

B.A.    [with honors] Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, 1980



One‑person exhibitions


1996  Writers' Guild of America/West, Beverly Hills CA, May-July        

      Coif Salon, Los Angeles, April-June

1995  Kantor Gallery, Los Angeles, September-October

1992  Tiffany Theatres, Los Angeles, February



Group exhibitions (selected)


2005  Make A Wish Foundation Benefit, Santa Monica CA, March [also 2004]

      Black Box, Another Year in L.A. Gallery, February-March

      Beit T’shuva Benefit, Los Angeles, January

2004  In America Now, Don O’Melveny Gallery, West Hollywood CA, July-August

2003  Venice Art Walk, Venice CA, May [also 1995-2002]

2002  Ecstasy: Mind, Body, Spirit, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art,

Santa Ana CA, September

2001  La Plage, Hamilton Galleries, Santa Monica, October-November

2000  MOCA Art Auction, Los Angeles, April [also 1992, 1998]

Juried Invitational, Patricia Correia Gallery, Santa Monica, January

1999  A Bunch of Pussy’s, Kantor Gallery, November-December

1998  All Media Juried Exhibition, Irvine [CA] Fine Arts Center, Dec.-Jan.   

      New Photography, Millard Sheets Gallery, Los Angeles County Fair,

         Pomona, September [third prize]

      Best of the West, Zero-One Gallery, Los Angeles, August-September

      Edge, Image, Information, ARTernatives, San Luis Obispo CA, June

      Estampes Numériques, Galerie Toner, Sens France, April

      Livres d'Artiste, Galerie Toner, January-February

1997  ARTernatives 97, San Luis Obispo, October [hon. mention]

      New Photography, Millard Sheets Gallery, Los Angeles County Fair, Sept.

      Primary Colors, Watts Towers Art Center, LA, May-June

      The Painterly Print, Light Gallery II, Los Angeles, April

1996  1996 Open, Gallery 825/LA Art Association, December-January

      Masterpieces `R' Us, Gallery 258, Los Angeles, December-January  

All California: All Media, Downey [CA] Museum, September-October

      41st Annual Intl. Juried Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute, September

1995  Hidden and Sought, Palazzetti, Los Angeles, December-February

      Present Art III, Couturier Gallery, Los Angeles, December

      Pasted Papers: Collage and the 20th Century, Louis Stern

         Gallery, West Hollywood, November-January

      Digital Site, SITE, Los Angeles, July-August

      50 Years>>Hiroshima, New Gallery, Santa Monica CA, July-August

      On Site at the Gate, Angels Gate Cultural Center, SanPedro CA, June-July

      91st National Open, Long Beach [CA] Arts, May [honorable mention]

      Information Superhighway, Downey Museum, March-April

1994  California, Downey Museum, November‑December

      Found Objects, Long Beach Arts, November [honorable mention]

      Women At Work, Roger Smith Hotel, New York, September‑December

      Family Album, California State University Fullerton, September‑October

      Barbie & Beyond, Morphos Gallery, San Francisco, August

      Interfaces: Dialogues in Art and Technology, Digital Domain,

   Venice, July‑November

      Global Issues ‑‑ Global Concerns, Orange County Center for

         Contemporary Art, July

      Off‑Beats, Natl. Council Jewish Women/LA Gallery, June-August        

      What's Next?, Merging One Gallery, Santa Monica, March

      1010 Small Art Works, Roberts Art Gallery, Santa Monica HS, Feb.-March

      Six Artists Tackle The Machine: Making Art with the Laser

         Printer, Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard CA, January-March

1993  Present Art II, Couturier Gallery, December

      Cyberspace Gallery of EZTV, ART/LA 93, Los Angeles, December

      Eccentric Abstraction, Grand Street Bar, Biltmore Hotel,

         Los Angeles, August‑October

      Los Angeles Juried Exhibition, Works on Paper, Junior Arts Center,

         Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles, July‑August

1992  Present Art, Couturier Gallery, December

      The Sticking Place: Space & Image in Contemporary Collage,

         Long Beach City College Gallery, November‑December

      2nd Annual Miniprint Exhibit, Napa [CA] Art Center, October-December          MOCArt Auction `92, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, May

      Intimate Images 1992, LACA Gallery, Los Angeles, April

      From Real to Surreal, City of Brea [CA] Gallery, April‑May

      Malibu: Myth and Reality, Malibu [CA] Colony Plaza, March

1991  Photo Salon, Turner/Krull Gallery, West Hollywood, December‑January

      1st Annual Miniprint Exhibition, Napa Art Center, November-January

      Images & Origins: Reflections of Women Photographers,

         City Hall Bridge Gallery, Los Angeles, March‑April

1989  Evolving Abstractions in Photography, Carlson Gallery,

         University of Bridgeport [CN], November-December




1998  3rd prize, New Photography, Millard Sheets Gallery, Los Angeles County

 Fair, Pomona, September

1997  honorable mention, ARTernatives 97, San Luis Obispo CA, October

1995  honorable mention, 91st National Open, Long Beach [CA] Arts, May

1994  honorable mention, Found Objects, Long Beach Arts, November




 2000  cover art for Strindberg and Photography, Consulate of Sweden in Los                     Angeles (book for American exhibition of Strindberg’s photographs)

1998  Dinelly, Mia, "Layers of Culture", Female FYI, Nov., p. 26

1995  Frank, Peter, "It's not easy being verde," Long Beach

         Press-Telegram, May 7 1995, p. J6

      Frank, Peter, "Vibrant is common factor in LB shows,"

         Long Beach Press-Telegram, March 12 1995, p. J7

      Quinn, Joan, "Joan Quinn, Etc.," West Hollywood Weekly,                          Oct. 13 1995, p.11

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      "Continuing and Upcoming," ArtScene Vol.13 #5, p. 14

      Weisberg, Ruth, "Transculturations," Visions, Winter, pp. 21-22

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         High‑Tech Ally Of Artists," Los Angeles Times,

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1993  Hoffberg, Judith, "The Sticking Place," Visions, Summer, p. 40

      Hormel, Julie, “Eco‑Transcendence," Visions, Fall, p. 37

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      Reiner, Lucas, "Sandra Tsing Loh," Visions, Winter, p. 38

      reproduction (of Somatic Telesthesia J), Now Time #3, p. 102

      West HollyBarbie, commissioned art for L. A. Weekly Vol. 14 #24

         (May 14‑20), West Hollywood Directory supplement p. 18

1992  du Bois, Julie, "Malibu: Myth vs. Reality," Visions, Fall, p. 42

      Greenstein, M. A., "Diane Holland," Visions, Fall, p. 46    

      Greenstein, M. A., "Fauxtography L. A.: The Camera Put Through

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      Vaughn, Alicia, "Changing of the Guard," Artweek, Dec. 17, p. 19

1991  Converse, Elizabeth, "Showcase: Diane Holland," Visions, Winter, p. 48

1980  Performance documentation, High Performance #9, Spring, p. 54 

1979  Performance documentation, High Performance #7, September, p. 45


Articles published

1995  "Significant Mothers," Visions Vol. IX #2 (Spring/Summer), p. 32



Curatorial and museological projects

 1993  Organized exhibitions at Insomnia Cafe, Los Angeles

         (including "Eco‑Transcendence" and shows of

         Marcy Watton and Lindsay Brice)

1980  Director, Student Gallery, Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles

1979  Intern, Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles




 1989  Reading, Poetry in Motion, Cafe Largo, Los Angeles, June

1982  Letting Go, Otis Art Institute Gallery, Los Angeles, December

      Miracles, Otis Art Institute Loft Gallery, Los Angeles, May

1980  The Pause, Continuum, Los Angeles, December

      Fish Swims, private home, Beverly Hills California, October

      Fish Swims, Interactive Arts Foundation, Franklin Furnace, NY, June

1979  Hanging By My Mirror, Continuum, Los Angeles, April

1978  The Beast, Continuum, Los Angeles, September



Performance production and participation

 1997  Dschungel! by Ronald Fraser-Munro, produced by EZTV, Los

         Angeles, and the Institute of Contemporary Art, London,

         for “Digital Slam 2: A Cross-Cultural Event”, May

1993  Nightlight by Michael Masucci and Kim McKillip, screened in

         "Trancesex," Mondrian Hotel, West Hollywood, July

1992  Theater of Dreams ‑‑ Sound Bytes by Kim McKillip and

         Michael Masucci, Los Angeles MacIntosh Group Holiday

         MacFest, December; video role of psychotherapist

      Choice or Chance?: Three Sad Cars I Have Had by Sandra

         Tsing Loh, Michael Masucci and Kim McKillip, in "October                        Surprise" (part of the LA Freewaves Festival), October,

         and at EZTV, West Hollywood, November; video role

         of automobile saleswoman

      Event Horizon (Pain Game), production by Bethune Theaterdance

         and Vertical Blanking, CyberArts International Conference,

         Pasadena, October; video cameo

1988-89  Petrouchka, production by Joffrey Ballet, Dorothy Chandler

            Pavilion, Los Angeles, May‑June; super (peasant woman)

1987  The Mystery of the Knife, Fork and Spoon by Anna Homler,

         Lhasa Club, Los Angeles, November; director/choreographer

      Palisade: A Cliffhanger in Five Acts by Jacki Apple,

         Pacific Palisades California, September; performer

1983  To Hell with Dante, by Philip Kenneally, Lee Strasberg

         Theatre Institute, Los Angeles, June‑July; set designer

      Ways of Walking, by Elizabeth Whitehouse, Lee Strasberg

         Theatre Institute, Los Angeles, June; dancer

      The Sky is Smiling, by Linda Tucker‑Smith, Lee Strasberg

         Theatre Institute, Los Angeles, April‑June; set designer

1980  Critical Mass, by David M., Company Theater, Los Angeles,

         June; choreographer, dancer, performer

      Soundings, by Chava Lasson, Continuum, Los Angeles,

         December; set designer

1979  Nijinsky, by Emilie Conrad‑Da'oud, Wilshire Ebell Theatre,

         Los Angeles, May; set designer

1978  I Cantori Miracle Plays, Bing Theater and other venues,

         Los Angeles, December; costume designer



 List available on request








We live in a technologically oriented society. Less and less importance is given to our creative and spiritual development. Mechanistic, ritualistic forms of behavior have replaced feelings and emotions, diminishing the spontaneity and joy in human experience. Our society continues to impose these models of behavior through mass‑media images, in a process I call cultural imprinting.

   My artwork speaks to my life experience, examining how cultural imprinting affects me, and by implication how it affects all of us. I hope to serve as a catalyst, signalling creative interplay between myself and others, participating in life at a place where cultural imprints and assumptions cannot exist. Therefore, I am interested primarily in exploring how we can create, broaden and experience ourselves as human beings at a deeper level, and thereby affect wider social change.                                                                                                 -- Diane Holland









I use electrotransfer (that is, color Xerography) and Cibachrome photography to interpret and convey the relationship that develops between human beings and the technological artifacts they create. The series of images entitled "Somatic Telesthesia" focuses on the kinds of technological interactions that impact upon the individual on both a personal and a cultural level. The source material for electrostatic and photographic composite alike is drawn from real and imagined experience. Ultimately, the composites are meant to function as vehicles for personal awareness and social change.                                                      ‑‑ Diane Holland           


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