another year in LA

Richard Haley, earth, and air; and/or the dream is over again”

October 24 - November 25, 2008

Richard Haley - Artist Statement

My art practice maps the absence and presence of the body through sculpture and performative actions. These investigations attempt to locate the corporeal self in a postindustrial culture. Most recently, I have become fascinated with the interface between the body and objects and the extent to which these relationships produce the self.  

Some objects I explore as literal manifestations of these relationships between body and object – the podiums that we speak from, the crutches that we lean on, the flagpoles that we articulate nation through. Other objects I explore as points or coordinates within larger networks of interaction between human governance and natural governance. By replicating and intervening into natural systems like tide patterns and tree growth, I impose a man-made logic onto resistant natural technologies. My own futile technologies intentionally call into question the whereabouts of agency among human and natural bodies.


another year in LA is located at 2121 N. San Fernando Road, #13, Los Angeles, CA 90065

Gallery phone:  323-223-4000