another year in LA

"Barbara Zucker:Time Sensitive"

        October 6  - November 16, 2007

Artist Statement

My work has almost always been about the human form or the human condition. I started out making sculptures about penis envy, archetypes and power in the 1960's, and am currently engaged in a long term series about the issues of aging. While my projects have been based in realism, they have been coded in abstraction and formalism. I 'm influenced by Minimalism, Feminism, comic strips, The Supremes, cashmere sweaters, the birth of my daughter, my late father's sense of humor, the ocean, sumi brush painting and a raft of other artists I admire, from Alberto Giacometti to Florine Stettheimer to Ree Morton. Getting the idea for new work is the thing that excites me the most. Seeing the work through is the hardest part. Though the seas of art are rough, it's the only place I want to navigate.

another year in LA is located at 2121 N. San Fernando Road, #13, Los Angeles, CA 90065

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