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Currently, there is no scheduled Webinars.


Past Webinar:

GIFT SHOP review Webinar - Monday, November 22, 7pm PST - FREE

Limited to 100 attendees, this one hour presentation will show many of the works (and maybe all) from GIFT SHOP.

Again - this is limited to the first 100 peole who sign up.  To do so, click on this lnk to send an email to

Once you have been approved you will receive follow-up emails prior to the presentation on November 22th.


For more information, click on a link below:

Tell me what a Webinar is






















What are Webinars ?

From the comfort of your computer, a webinar is a live online presentation that will feature visual imagery from the current exhibtion at ANOTHER YEAR IN LA verbally described or discussed typically by the artist themselves.

You won't need special equipment or software.  You will receive an invitation from us that will provide a webaddress that you click on and in a few minutes you are connected.

You can listen to the webinar either through your computer speakers or by telephone - your choice.

Think of this as an art panel discussion in the comfort of your home or local WIFI spot anywhere in the world.

We have chosen to do these on Saturday afternoons because the gallery is closed on the weekends and by doing this at 1pm PST, anyone in the United States can participate before going out for any evening events.  For those in Europe, the webinar is still early in the evening.

The webinars will be an ongoing feature of all future exhibitions at ANOTHER YEAR IN LA most likely, once a month on Saturdays.

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