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David E. Stone's

A screen shot of a man about to supposedly cut a woman's eye with a straight razor from the 1929 Un Chien Andalou movie by Salavador Dali and Luis Bunuel


March 1 - April 30, 2020

The Summer Film Festival in July and August, 2019 covered the history of avant-garde cinema for the first half of the twentieth century. 

Now, the Winter Film Festival picks in the 1970's and continues to the present.

If you missed the Summer Film Festival, those films are still available to see at: http://anotheryearinla.com/2019_SummerFilmFestival.htm



The 2000's to Present

Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion and Sex Machine by Paul Pfeiffer Now and Then by Robert Barry, A Little Death by Sam Taylor-Wood, Dark Matter by Diana Thater, The Music of Regret by Laurie Simmons, Training Ground by Aernot Mik, Maya Deren's Sink by Barbara Hammer, How to make a slant step (short version) by Stephen Kaltenbach and David E. Stone


The 1990's

Screen shot from Douglas Gordonr's movie, Stooges Burn Out from 1995

Painter by Paul McCarthy, Stooges Burn Out by Douglas Gordon, Phat Free by David Hammons, I'm A Victim of this Song by Piplotti Rist, Es war Nacht, es war kalt, und wir hatten viel getrunken [It Was Night, It Was Cold and We Drank a Lot] by Rosemary Trockel


The 1980's

Screen shot from Bruce Nauman's movie, Clown Torture from 1987

The Loner, 1980 by Tony Orsler, Butterfly, 1986 by Nam June Paik, I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much, 1986 by Piplotti Rist,

Clown Torture, 1987 by Bruce Nauman, From the Archives of Modern Art, 1987 by Eleanor Antin

Rebecca Horn

Screen shot from Rebecca Horn's Cutting Hair and Oasis movie from 1974-75

Ubungen in 9 Stucken, 1974-75, Performance II, circa 1970, Unicorn, 1973, Cutting Hair and Oasis, 1974-75

1970s Conceptual Art

Screen shot from John Baldessarii's movie Teaching a Plant the Alphabet from 1974

Selected Works, 1970-71 by Bas Jan Ader, Teaching A Plant the Alphabet, 1972 by John Baldessari, Open Book, 1974 by Vito Acconci

Standish Lawder

Screen shot from Standish Lawder's Necrology movie from 1970

Necrology, 1970,  Color Film, 1970,  Corridor, 1970


Robert Nelson

Screen shot from Robert Nelson's Bleu Shut and link to page devoted to Robert Nelsonl films

Bleu Shut, 1971,  Grateful Dead, 1968,  Oh Dem Watermelons, 1965,  The Awful Backlash, 1967


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