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A screen shot of a man about to supposedly cut a woman's eye with a straight razor from the 1929 Un Chien Andalou movie by Salavador Dali and Luis Bunuel


July 1 - August 31, 2019

The invention of film at the end of the 1800's was a remarkable one.  Not only did film introduce an effective illusion of motion into still photography but was embraced as a new form of entertainment. 

Artists in the early 1900s became interested in film, as well, as a new artist medium.  Whether extending the suggested motion of the Cubists and Futurists or the antics of the Dadaists, film was another vehicle for artists to expand on the innovation of the twentieth century.

This Summer Film Festival will focus only on films by artists.   And this is only a primer as there a many more films that can be found by the selected and artists.  So I have chosen key examples by many artists.  It is my hope that this selection will be helpful for those who are not familiar with many of these films and as well as finding new surprises for those who are knowledgeable on the subject. 

More than one film a week will be revealed.  Get your popcorn ready because the Summer Film Festival is underway!



Andy Warhol

Screen shot of Empire and link to page devoted to films by Andy Warhol

Screen Tests, 1964-66,    Empire, 1964,   Chelsea Girls, 1966


Structural Sixties

Screen shot from George Landow movie, Film in Which There aAppear Edge Lettering, Sprocket Holtes, Dirt Particles Etc.,  and link to page devoted to Structural films from the 1960s

Mothlight, 1962-63 by Stan Brakage,  Wrist Trick, 1963 & Dots 1&2 1965 by Paul Sharits, Film in Which There Appear Edge Lettering, Sprocket Holes, Dirt Particles Etc., 1965-66 by George Landow, The Flicker, 1966 by Tony Conrad and Wavelength, 1967 by Michael Snow


Pop Sixties

Screen shot of Andy Warhol's Vinyl film and link to page devoted to films by artists in the 1960s

Foto Death, 1961 by Claes Oldenburg,  Linoleum, 1967 by Robert Rauschenberg, Four, 1967 by Yoko Ono and Vinyl, 1965 by Andy Warhol

The Flaming Sixties

Screen shot Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising film and link to page devoted to films that question sexuality in the 1060s

Flaming Creatures, 1962 by Jack Smith,  Scopio Rising, 1963 by Kenneth Anger, and Blonde Cobra, 1965 by Ken Jacobs

The 1950's

Screen shot Peter Kuebelka's Adebar film and link to page devoted to films by Peter Kuebelka

Adebar,1957  and  Arnulf Rainer,1960 by Peter Kuebelka


The 1940's

Screen shot Maya Deren's Meshes in the Afternoon and link to page devoted to films by artists in the 1940s

Meshes in the Afternoon, 1944 by Maya Deren & Alexander Hammid  and  Film No. 3: Interwoven,1947-49 by Harry Smith

Poetic Surrealism

Screen shot Jean Cocteau's film, The Blood of the Poet and link to page where that film can be found

The Blood of the Poet, 1930

by Jean Cocteau


Screen shot Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel's film, Un Chien Andalou and link to page where this film can be seen

Un Chien Andalou, 1929

by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali

More Dada

Screen shot from Hans Richter's film, Ghosts Before Breakfast and link to page where the film can be seen.

Ghosts Before Breakfast, 1927

by Hans Richter



Screen shot from Marcel Duchamp's Anemic Cinema and link to page where the film can be seen.

Anemic Cinema, 1926

by Marcel Duchamp



Screen shot from Rene Clair's film, Entr' acte and link to page devoted to Dada films

Entr'acte, 1924 by Rene Clair  and  Ballet Mecanique,1924 by Fernand Léger



Screen shot from Man Ray's movie, Emak Bakia and link to page devoted to films by Man Ray

Return to Reason, 1923

Emak Bakia, 1926

Les Mystères du Château de Dé, 1929

by Man Ray


Screen shot George Melies movie, A Trip to the Moon and link to page where this film can be seen

A Trip to the Moon, 1902

by Georges Méliès


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